Junior Programmer Job Listing

Question is seeking a junior programmer in Northern Virginia for a paid contract apprenticeship to work on its multiplayer games using the Unreal Engine.

The apprentice will be heavily mentored by Question's tech lead for the explicit purpose of grooming for a permanent long-term salaried role on the team.

You will be working from home on most days with regular meetups with your mentor.


  • Implementing new features

  • Supporting old features

  • Creating and maintaining documentation

  • Shepherd usage of your output by artists and designers as often as needed via existing samples and hands on screen-sharing sessions

  • Assisting with and potentially owning parts of the game design, as needed

  • Making adjustments as necessary from feedback and iteration

  • Participate in group QA sessions and other project-relevant studio activities



  • Someone we can trust

  • Someone the team enjoys interacting with

  • Someone who understands the type of games we are making

  • Able to ask questions as needed; proactive in reaching out for help

  • Follows studio coding standards and conventions

  • Able to read other people's code and use it instead of writing new systems from the start

  • Self driven quality standards:

    • Proactive about tackling new problems instead of waiting to be told

    • Able to write bug reports and feature requests for yourself

    • Reaching out to team members when you've finished your current tasks

    • Offering help to your colleagues whenever you can

    • Be the first to "dogfood" your own output

Computer Scientist

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience

  • Proficiency in C++

  • Preferred: Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4

  • Ability to learn any programming language as needed

  • Memory management - References and pointers vs. copy

  • Data structures, design patterns, and algorithms

  • Understanding and/or ability to learn replication tactics and multiplayer development patterns


  • Systems design: Able to synthesize algorithms based on feature specifications AND teach that algorithm through writing and verbal discussions

  • Able to speak in terms of Big O notation and algorithmic complexity

  • 3D Math: Understand common uses of dot product, cross product, normalized vectors, sine, and cosine in the context of gameplay programming

  • Physics: Understand kinematic equations. Be able to code with minimal raycasts.

  • Optimizations: Able to learn and employ optimization techniques as needed

How to Apply

Please send an email to jobs@questiongames.com and include the desired job title as the Subject line of the email.

Please attach or include a link to the following to your application email:

  • Your Resume / CV

  • Your Portfolio (if you have one) of your relevant previous work

Question is an equal opportunity employer in which all employees are required to be inclusive of every candidate regardless of race, skin color, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital/familial status, veteran status, or any other attribute of a person that does not affect their ability to make great games. We follow the law, in this regard, and will also make accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.

Due to the smallness of our team, we will not be able to respond to every applicant. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

No agencies please. All solicitations from a recruiter will be ignored.