If you have encountered a bug while playing The Magic Circle: Gold Edition please contact us at ask@questiongames.com. See below for solutions to common problems.

I have gotten stuck and cannot move:

If you manage to get stuck somewhere, you should open the map using D-Pad Right, then select a previously visited crack to travel there.

There is no life left in any cracks:

If the cracks are empty and you cannot get any life, it is likely that all the life is in creatures in the world. In most cases this is because the "Parasite" behavior was used and many worms were born into the world. If this happens, you just need to ghost some creatures, either by dropping them in a hazard (lava or zapwall), or making them fight each other. Their life will then return to the cracks.

How do I turn on subtitles?

Subtitles and language selection can be done from the "Audio" section in the options.